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Our mission was to combine today's most innovative trends with the timeless classics that we all grew up with. We were two brothers, going through college, always eating all sorts of different snacks to satisfy our hunger. The protein bars that were saturating the market were simply too bland and dense for our taste. We were craving a savory, crunchy, snack that wouldn't sit heavy during the middle of the day. So, why start with Cheese Crackers?

After looking around at our peers, one thing stood out nearly all of them enjoyed snacking on cheese crackers. So we got to work. We made sure to use the highest quality of ingredients, including whole block, all natural cheddar cheese as our main ingredient. Our kitchen quickly became our second home. We endlessly hand rolled batch after batch of crackers for over a month until we finally achieved the perfect cheese cracker. Well now, we've set up shop, and let our ambition carry us.