Cheddies: Variety Pack (6 Pack)

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HIGH PROTEIN, HEALTHY SNACK: Cheddies are no ordinary cheese cracker! Our Cheddies have more cheese than any other "cracker" on the market. Our crackers are made with a premium, aged cheddar cheese that we are proud to have listed as our main ingredient. Our Cheddies are high protein, low sugar, use no artificial ingredients or preservatives, baked, and most important, delicious!

GUILT FREE INDULGENCE: At Cheddies we sought out to take the guesswork out of smart snacking! Our crackers are a salty, crunchy snack. It is now ok to "accidentally" eat the entire bag!

PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: Cheddies are a convenient snack that are easy to eat at any time of the day! Cheddies are great for: after-school kids snack or as a backpack treat that satisfies their hunger, as the perfect healthy office snack, simply needing to get through the mid-day munchies, a post workout gym protein snack, or even as an on-the-go solution when needing a trustworthy travel snack!

FAMILY OWNED: The two brothers behind Cheddies dedicated themselves to bridging the gap between healthy and indulgent. After endlessly hand rolling batch after batch, they successfully created a snack you’ll not only crave, but one you’ll feel good about eating. 

We felt that the world’s beloved cheese cracker was long over-due for a makeover! Our Classic Cheddar cracker is innovative in texture and mouth-feel, yet pleasantly familiar in taste! Give them a try and you’ll know that we Made Cheddar Better.